The research structure within the Radboud UMC has changed. The current six research institutes will merge into the following three Institutes:
• Radboud Institute for Molecular Life Sciences
• Radboud Institute for Health Sciences
• Donders Centre for Neuroscience (as part of the Donders Institute )

The following research themes are being covered:
• Alzheimer
• Poverty related diseases
• Chemical Biology/Nanomedicine
• Reconstructive medicine
• Head and neck and thoracic cancer
• Renal disorders
• Healthcare improvement science
• Sensory disorders
• Hematopoietic cancer and immune defense

• Rare cancer
• Stress-related disorders
• Infectious diseases and host response
• Tumors of the digestive tract
• Inflammatory diseases
• Urological cancer
• Mitchondrial diseases
• Vascular damage
• Movement disorders
• Women's cancer
• Neurodevelopmental disorders

Please find more information on the Radboudumc website.